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Ten Penny Construction is a commercial construction company, specializing in Architect-led Design-Build projects, serving the Triangle Area (and the rest of North Carolina). We are run by professionals that are capable of taking a project from inception, through design and permitting, to completion without stress or hassle. You already have enough on your plate in your personal and professional life, so managing a large team of designers, contractors, subcontractors, vendors, public utilities and other agencies shouldn’t be your job. You need a seasoned professional to take care of that for you. THAT IS WHAT WE DO!

NEW CONSTRUCTION OR RENOVATION: When it comes to a new build or updating your current space to make it more inviting and efficient, you need a contractor who is eager about what they do, someone that can make it happen quickly and inexpensively. This keeps the lines of communication open regarding budget, permits, schedules (all of which we’ll handle with ease!) and your overall project goals.

KEEP TENANTS HAPPY: It’s important to have a team experienced in tenant improvements, no matter if you’re the owner of the building being renovated, or you’re the one leasing the space. We do our best to make sure renovation work is completed with minimal interruption to workers, residents, shoppers, or office work hours.

A LASTING RELATIONSHIP: Not only will you benefit from fair pricing and an efficiently run project from start to finish, but you’ll also be establishing a lasting relationship with our expert team. They’ll already know you, your building, and all its facets should you ever decide to expand again or make changes. This isn’t just a project, this is our FIRST project with you, and we look forward to earning your business for many years to come!

If you would like to discuss your project, call us at (919) 876-5085, or complete the following form:

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