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Michael Jordan Collision – 14

The front entry canopy steel went up this week for the Michael Jordan Collision Center project in Durham, NC.  Schulz Ironworks from Raleigh threw up the canopy in 2-1/2 days with only the perforated metal sign panel left to be installed next week.  The canopy is one of the finishing touches on the much upgraded entrance of this former warehouse building.

Also, well underway is installation of the fire line that will soon provide water for the new fire sprinkler system that is required for the building.  Since this is a relatively large body shop, the North Carolina Building Code requires the building be completely protected by fire sprinklers.

On the interior, installation continues for the paint booths and prep decks.

This project is being provided to the Owner via the Architect-led Design-Build process with Gontram Architecture.

Michael Jordan Collision Center – 01

Demolition is nearing completion for the Michael Jordan Collision Center in Durham, NC. Walls are down, plumbing fixtures, ceiling and unnecessary ductwork have been removed.

The existing fibrous spray-on fireproofing that was originally installed years ago is no longer necessary since we are sprinklering the building.  We are going through the pain-staking, laborious process of scraping all of the structural steel to remove the fireproofing and paint the steel since the substance would otherwise be a continuous dust and maintenance problem.


Construction Surveying underway

On the exterior, construction staking is underway.  Next week tree protection fencing will be installed and rough grading behind the building will begin.  A new rear driveway is being installed to provide at-grade, thru-building access.

Getting exciting!

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