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Free NCAA Pool! #GAPool

GANCAAgifTen Penny Construction and Gontram Architecture have (again) teamed up to sponsor a FREE NCAA Pool this March.

Brackets coming 8:00 PM, March 15th!

To subscribe to the NCAA Pool, click HERE.  We will send you a special invitation when it is time to make your picks!

A March Tradition, the Gontram Architecture Pool is a FREE pool, open to (almost) anyone, with great prizes for the winners (and some losers).

IT’S FREE! It doesn’t cost a penny to play! That way, we don’t have a problem with the authorities, no one gets arrested, and everyone has a great time!

As always, there are lots of great prizes!

In March, our online bracket will be available immediately after the pairings are announced on Selection Sunday. Completed brackets are due by 11:00 AM EDT, Thursday, March 19th.

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