The amount of plastic waste in the world is an enormous environmental problem.  It is out of control, so much, countries are exporting it to other countries. And those countries are running out of room to deal with the massive amount of waste.  Something had to be done.

Global Renewable Energy has invented a unique machine that converts curbside recycled plastic products (milk jugs, laundry detergent bottles, and other common items) back into its base chemical properties.  The recycled plastic goes in one end, and petroleum (the chief ingredient in plastic) comes out the other.  The machine can be modified depending on the desired output.  If a user requires more electrical power than diesel fuel, the machine can be used as a power generator.  If the input material needs to be wood instead of plastic, then the adjustment is made.

The challenge is that this technology is relatively new, and local zoning ordinances and building codes have a hard time accommodating it.  Zebulon, North Carolina was the choice for the company’s first location, and Gontram Architecture and Ten Penny Construction combined to shepherd the project through the permit review process, and complete the construction project.

The project was completed in 2019 via the Architect-led Design-Build process.