Business is booming in the truck bedliner business!  The owners of the car wash and truck bedliner application building in Raleigh, NC needed more application bay space and contacted Gontram Architecture and Ten Penny Construction to design and build their upgrades.  Their existing spray area was not keeping up with demand, and was further limited by the way it was constructed.  Larger trucks had to be turned away.

So, in stepped Gontram Architecture and Ten Penny Construction.  In a few short months, the project was designed, permitted, and constructed under a turn-key design-build arrangement so popular with our clients nowadays.


Demo underway as the existing door opening is enlarged

An existing storage bay was converted for use as a spray booth.  An existing overhead door opening had to be enlarged substantially to accommodate the larger vehicles.  A new non-combustible spray booth and chemical storage room were constructed within the existing building.  New ventilation, lighting and power were also required.

The seemingly simple project was made much more complicated by the NC Building Code, the NC Fire Code, existing conditions within the building, and the interpretation of hazardous chemical requirements by the local jurisdiction.  But, permits were successfully obtained on the first try and construction was completed in a timely manner, with only minor delays (thanks to Hurricane Matthew).


New beam for enlarged door opening is welded in place.