We are coming down to the wire at the Micheal Jordan Collision Center project in Durham, NC. With a month to go, work is at a fever pitch.

After a week or so of bad weather, work has picked up again on the rear drive installation.  geotechnical reinforcing fabric and stone base has been placed, and will be prepped for concrete and poured next week.

The fire line installation is also nearing completion.  The tap was made last week, and there has been much flushing and testing of the line happening this week before the final connections can be made.

Sprinkler work on the inside is nearing completion on the Lower Level.  Upper Level work will start next week.

Sheetrock finishing is complete and we are readying for ceiling grid, lights, painting and floor finishes to start next week.

This project is being provided to the Owner thru the Architect-led Design-Build process with Gontram Architecture, Inc.