Progress picked back up this week after substantial weather and jurisdictional delays attempted to delay the Michael Jordan Collision project in Durham, NC.  Several inches of rain have fallen in the last week and a half hampering fire line and rear driveway construction.  Also, the fire sprinkler permits had been in some sort of weird computer limbo at the City of Durham, but we finally have that straightened out.

This past week, the subgrade of the new rear service drive was proof-rolled, and unsuitable soils were discovered.  Several feet of undercut was required in several areas.  A strategy of geotech fabric and compacted stone base will provide a stable base upon which to pour our new concrete service drive.

In the front of the building, installation of the fire line continued.  Due to existing conditions of the actual water main, it was determined that the tap couldn’t be installed with the water main live.  So, a temporary shutdown of the local water service is scheduled for next week.  In the meantime, the new fire line is installed from the building to the road, and has been pressurized and flushed.

Perforated metal panels were installed on the face of the new canopy.  This will provide the background for the new signage.

This project is being provided to the Owner thru the Architect-led Design-Build process with Gontram Architecture, Inc.