Michael Jordan Collision Center Sink Hole from Eddie Gontram on Vimeo.

A surprise, some more red tape, and a lot of progress this week at Michael Jordan Collision Center in Durham, NC.

The surprise was the sudden appearance of a sink hole in the parking lot.  Following installation of the oil-sand separator, and its subsequent tie-in to the existing sanitary sewer line under the parking lot, the trench as backfilled with washed stone and ready to be poured back.  However, the next day, it was discovered that 1 to 1-1/2 tons of stone disappeared into a 6″ diameter hole in the trench bottom that had opened up sometime during the night. We investigated with camera work, and once weather permitted, excavated the area.  We found that many years ago, the area had been backfilled with large rock.  Over the years, the fines that had filled the void between the rocks had washed away by ground water.  The void left behind easily swallowed the gravel once the weight of it overwhelmed the bottom of the new trench.  Once excavated, the pipe was repaired and the hole was backfilled with washed stone.  We pour it back this Saturday.

The red tape is related to the local jurisdiction’s time-consuming review of the new fire line and sprinkler permit.  This separate permit review has taken almost 5 months and has become critical path as far as the schedule is concerned.  The fire line permit was finally turned loose late in the week, but the sprinkler permit seems to be still in process.

Finally, lots of progress took place inside and outside of the building. The paint booths were almost complete.  Masonry walls for the new detail bays were completed.  Liner wall panels were installed inside the shop area.

This project is being provided to the Owner via the Architect-led Design-Build process with Gontram Architecture.