Michael Jordan Collision Timelapse Video 2016-03-11 from Eddie Gontram on Vimeo.

Another week gone by, a few more surprises, but a LOT of progress at the Michael Jordan Collision Center project in Durham, NC.


Front entry foundation work underway. New interior vehicle ramp work beyond.

Turning this medical records warehouse into a new body shop requires installing a ramp to allow vehicles from the front parking lot to drive into the building (currently at loading dock height).  Rather than taking up room in the parking lot for a large ramp, we saved those precious parking spots and are currently installing the ramp INSIDE the building.  That contributes to the demolished look of the overhead door openings.


Discovered underground utilities.

Also, we have to get customers into the building at the office area.  So, we have a new “front porch” feature.  The foundation work for that area is currently underway.  More surprises:  drain piping and unsuitable soils mixed in with some bedrock has made for an interesting week.  Engineers were consulted, and we barely skipped a beat.


Ventilation pit decking & embeds

Inside the building, the ventilation pits received embedded steel and pan decking and should be poured in a day or two.

Prime paint wrapped up on the Upper Level of the building.

Two new overhead doors were installed on the rear of the building.


New overhead door opening.