Rebar in place for pit footings

Instead of tearing things up (demolition), positive “build back” construction activity occurred this week at the Michael Jordan Collision Center in Durham, NC.


Final sections of trench drain set in place

Trench drains are now 100% complete and set, ready for backfill and pouring.

The ventilation pits under the new paint booths were excavated (after getting some very hard rock out of our way).  Footings were poured for the pit walls, then the walls were formed, inspected, and today they were poured.  Column protection was also formed.

New overhead door openings in the building have been framed and are ready for door installation.


Rear service area getting to grade

The rear driveway was rough graded and the rear service area has begun to take shape.

All of the rock and excess fill from the interior of the building and rear access drive has now been hauled off, so more positive construction will proceed next week!


Formwork in place for column protection