Michael Jordan Collision 2016-02-26 from Eddie Gontram on Vimeo.


Some rock has been removed from the ventilation pit excavation. The rock breaker receives some repair work.

With concrete cutting and removal complete, excavation for trench drains and paint booth ventilation pits commenced this week at the Michael Jordan Collision Center in Durham, NC.  It went fairly smoothly until the ventilation pits were dug.  In some spots, rock was found.  As these ventilation pits have very specific depth requirements, the rock must go!


Trench drain is installed and ready for inspection.

Next week, once the rock is removed, construction really amps up a notch as we can button up the slab and start building from the slab up.

More exploratory rock excavation will also take place out back, behind the building.


Duct tape can fix anything, I guess!