Trench drain (upside down) waiting for a hole

Demolition is almost complete inside the old medical records warehouse.  This is the future site of the Michael Jordan Collision Center, a new auto body shop under construction in Durham, NC.

There is still a lot of concrete cutting to do, however, for the hundreds of feet of trench drain and plumbing, and the ventilation pits for the paint booths.  Those have been laid out in chalk and paint, and it will get pretty exciting next week when concrete wet saws are turning.

Out back, clearing is complete, and a LOT of rocks have been moved, rocks from the original construction project that were simply wasted on site.  Since this is the area of a new rear service drive, dumpster and parking area, we have to haul off the rock (no room to waste it further on site).  We’re hoping we don’t find any more surprises under those rock (besides the handful of copperhead snakes already discovered).



Concrete cuts have been laid out